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Pat Corn

"NCCR CEO and Artist"

Pat Corn has a deep heritage in country music. Born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina, Pat's first contact with country music was at the age of three when his father made him a guitar from a Prince Albert cigar box, a broom handle for a neck, with fishing line for strings, and a piece of endless belt for a strap. Pat beat that "guitar" to dust as he watched "Arthur Smith and the Crackerjacks" each day broadcasting from Charlotte, NC.

Years later as a member of the North Carolina Cloggers, whose life came from country comedian and ventriloquist Alex Houston, Pat performed on many country music package shows with the greatest country artists of the day. Pat enjoyed frequent appearances on the Grand Ole Opry that became the norm for a mere kid. But, there was more that he wanted to accomplish.

Pat wanted to play the music, instead of dancing to it, so he sidled up to every guitar player he could and eventually was able to do what his heart the guitar!!

Pat spent the latter years of his teens in Texas where he heard Western Swing as it should be. Already steeped in a jazz background, Western Swing was a natural segue for Pat with his smooth voice and thick guitar style. After leaving Texas and then moving to Nashville, he found that to really have a successful career as an unknown in Nashville, one has to carve out a personal niche in the industry. His niche was the result of a great music education. Pat could actually read music!! That ability opened many opportunities for live and studio performance. Pat worked with several artists and found the future limited there, so he put together the country music anthology show band, "High Country", and put it on the road where it was vastly successful in the finest showrooms in the country. "High Country" met the need for a class act in country music, for showrooms and dinner theaters.

Years later he and his family moved to the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee to "retire" from the music business, but that idea was short lived. Pat opened a teaching studio and began to permeate the music scene in the Smokies as a featured guitarist and vocalist in the local music theaters. He adores the Smokies and the wonderful people of the area. Twelve and a half million visitors come to the Smokies each year, and many of these folks are lovers of real country and western music. Someday, perhaps, there will be a theater in Pigeon Forge, TN named "The New Classic Country Theater"! Featuring, of course, New Classic Country Records artists and those whom assist in building the "New Classic Country" genre`.

New Classic Country Records is the result of his hearing so many of the patrons in the music theaters bemoaning the fact that real country music was no longer being heard live, or even played on the airwaves. Eventually, he realized that all these wonderfully loyal fans needed to be served. Someone should address their needs. After all, the country music industry owes it's very existence to the faithful and loving fans of the past decades. Thus, New Classic Country Records was born to meet that hunger for REAL country and western music around the world.

Pat's musical background is a perfect fit to provide talents as a performer, producer, arranger, songwriter, and spokesperson for "New Classic Country". Once again, Pat is carving out a special niche in the world of country music, as he seeks to provide those who love real country and western music with new artists, singing new songs in a music style that warms the heart and speaks to the common man....New Classic Country!! He is

"Putting country and western music back in the hearts and hands of the people"

Pat not only knows how to do it, but more importantly, he knows WHY!

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