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New Classic Country Records ID - Instrumental Division

There is a worldwide hunger for great instrumental music. Sadly, many aspiring musicians have no individual instrumental heroes to inspire them today. Those heroes exist but are never seen in the media. In days past there instrumentalists like Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Hank Garland, Floyd Cramer, Del Woods, "Pig" Robbins, Boots Randolph, Danny Davis, Buddy Emmons, Pete Drake, Lloyd Greene, The Ventures, and many other top flight musicians who kept musicians continually striving for excellence.

New Classic Country Records is exceedingly proud to bring instrumental music back to the forefront with a stellar lineup of instrumental artists whom will not only inspire, but also provide a tremendous amount of listening pleasure for the fans of country and western music. Once more, our goal is to "put country and western music back in the hearts and hands of the people". It is our keenest desire to put country and western music in the hands of instrumentalists as well. Our "New Classic Country Records ID" will bring you the best in new instrumental artists with their incredible artistry and music.



New Classic Country Records ID - Instrumental Division

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Robert Anderson

One of the top finger-style solo guitarists in this country. Robert's repertoire is so large that he could play for days and not repeat the same song twice.

Robert has devoted his life to excellence in the finger-style realm of guitar and has won numerous fingerpicking awards including 1st place at the "International Thumb And Fingerstyle" championship in Muhlenberg County, KY in the year 2000. He is a regular featured performer at "The Chet Atkins Appreciation Society" convention in Nashville each year.

The only thing that eclipses his enormous talent is his warmth and friendliness. Robert is the perfect artist for any concert series. Robert is proudly endorsed by the Wallace Guitar Company in Onieda, TN.

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Dean Slocum

Dean is an extraordinary pianist. His expertise has carried him around the world performing with some of the top artists in the country music industry. From Music City to the White House, Dean has been an phenomenal influence on audiences and artists as well. Country music's Crystal Gayle has enjoyed the benefit of Dean's accompanimant to her lush ballads for nearly two decades.

New Classic Country Records/ID is very proud to include Dean in our family of artists and arrangers.

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Richard Kiser

Richard keep the roads hot criss-crossing this country playing concerts that are toally inspiring. He is a terrific player and finger-style guitar is his forte`. His touch is agile and strong. You hear every note he plays with just the right tone. Be it acoustic, or one of his Gretcsh guitars, Richard is right on target with his performance and his ability to give his listeners exactly what they want, and even more, what they need. He's always armed with a guitar trick up his sleeve. We are sure proud to have Richard as a intergral part of New Classic Country Records/ID. Richard is endorsed by the Gretsch Guitar Company.

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Pat Corn

Pat is celebrating fifty years as a professional guitarist. Although he has had a wide range of genre`s to perfom in over the years, Western Swing is the style of choice for him. To love country music and jazz equally, western swing answers the call. Smooth guitar solos and smooth vocals create a great combination for reaching a broad audience. Pat's forthcoming album "Trail Ride" will mix classic western swing and plenty of new western swing material as an example of the New Classic Country Records byline, "Where new Country and Western music is finally born". Pat has endorsements with the Gretsch Guitar Company, Maton Guitars of Victoria , Austrailia, and the Eastman Guitar Company. "Gotta love those archtops!!"

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Guy Van Duser
Guy Van Duser, the legendary guitarist who ‘set the bar’ for virtuoso finger-style with his astonishing arrangement of “Stars and Stripes Forever” which was recorded by Chet Atkins. Guy is a consummate educator at the Berklee School Of Music in Boston, MA and can be found each year in July at The Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention, which is held in Nashville, TN, where he is an intergral part of the performance segments and workshop experience.

His playing echoes Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, and the classic finger-style sounds of Country guitar picking, and his technique is second to none; yet when Guy plays, it’s all about the melody, and it’s especially about creating that gorgeous sound on his Gretsch guitar! We’re very proud to feature Guy as a New Classic Country Instrumental Artist!

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