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Where NEW Classic Country And Western Music Is Finally Born!!

Fantastic New Classic Country artists with other label afilliations
Helping to grow the "New Classic Country" genre` - More to come!!

Welcome these fantastic artists who are "KEEPING IT REAL".....New Artists, with New material in the true country and western stylings!!


Pete Hunt



Pete Hunt is taking Florida by storm with his Southern Branded Band. His recording of "That's What We Love About The Music" is the perfect example of what New Classic Country is all about. Pete is a terrific entertainer and fires it up at every performance.

John Stallings



John is the first artist that NCCR asked to join the effort to help grow the "New Classic Country" genre`. "The Other Side Of The Moon" has brought many a tear to many an eye. His music video can be found on YouTube. A fantastic entertainer and a fantastic person as well. His versatility is amazing with that whiskey voice and obvious love for his music, his audience, and real Country.  



One word: Incredible!!! Joel and LeAnne Ulmer are fantastic. Their entire thrust is perserving the heritage of Country music. Their charm, talent, and warmth will endear any audience to them and their cause. Oh yeah, they are 2Country4Nashville all right. To that we say..Hallelujah!!!

Tony Ramey


This Texas singer/songwriter is Classic Country to the bone and is constantly on the road working with many of the C&W greats. You may have even caught him recently on the Louisiana Hayride. He has had cuts and four gold records from several major artists including Trisha Yearwood and George Strait. His song "Throwback" has been a regular item on the playlist of "The New Classic Country Hour". What an honor to have such a talented artist helping to grow the "New Classic Country" genre`.

Alan Kennedy

Alan is a resident of The Great Smoky Mountain where country music was born. Alan's songwriting and performance quality comes from a long history as an entertainer. Alan's "Mama Don't Believe It" is a showcase for his vocal quality and talent. Steeped in a love for real C&W, Alan will endear you to ever note he sings or play. Music player to come soon!!

Connie Kis Andersen

Connie is our first artist from another country to join in the effort to preserve REAL C&W music. Connie is from Perth, Austrailia and is a momumental and award winning talent there. This Aussie lass has certain won our hearts here in the US! This singer/songwriter has enormous energy and a personality that insure your enjoyment of every song she performs. NCCR is so proud to embrace her part of this family of artists that experiencing the re-birth of Country and Western music. Music player to come soon!!

Debbie Money

Debbie is a phenomenal artist who has a tremendous backgroud as an enetrtainer in the C&W field. This Texas gal's artistic presence has been an integral part of live shows in the music theaters in Nashville and Branson. Country to the core, she is intent on keeping it REAL!! Her song "First Stone" is a fantastic piece that sure sets you mind to thinking. Music player to come soon!!