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Greetings from the birthplace of Country Music
The Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee!!


Thank you for visiting with us here at "New Classic Country Records" (NCCR) where NEW classic country and western music is being born. Millions of people around the world are literally starved for REAL country and western music and it is our intent to at NCCR satisfy that hunger by presenting great new artists, performing great new songs, in true country and western stylings. REAL country for REAL people.

For the last six decades country and western music fans have been the most dedicated and loyal fans to any music genre` in history. Those fans deserve to have their music flourish once again and it's being born right here at New Classic Country Records.

We Are On A Mission!!

It is our mission at NCCR to bring to our listeners the greatest of new C&W songs written by the some of greatest songwriters of country music history, as well as new songs written by the new artists themselves. It all begins with a song and a great song deserves to be heard. In these last transitional years of country music many of the songwriting greats have been totally ignored, as their material has been considered incompatible with the new marketing strategies of the Nashville recording industry. NCCR is proud to announce that these songwriting giants now have a voice for their phenomenal works with the fastest growing new genre' of music on earth..... New Classic Country ... at "New Classic Country Records"!!

A great singer who sings a great song greatly deserves to be heard, regardless of current industry image driven standards. At NCCR we are not concerned about an artist's size or age. Excellence defines the NCCR roster of artists and the material they record. Not one instance of electronic digital enhancement or correction has been applied to any of the artist's performances on the NCCR label...NONE! They are quite simply.... The Best!!

At NCCR, there are no "sound-alikes", "throw aways", or "throwbacks"... Every song, and the artists who sing them, are fresh new voices. You will find some phenomenal new artists in "The Corral".. These stellar artists have joined the NCCR artist lineup as labelamtes, but have yet to finish their New Classic Country Records projects with NEW material. We are so excited about these folks and want you to hear them and get to know them even though their performances are primarily the classic songs of yesteryear that we all revere.

If you love instrumental music, then you will love the "ID" (Instrumental Division) group of artists at "New Classic Country Records/ID".. Incredible!! These are new instrumrntal HEROS that budding musicians can hold in high esteem for their technique and repertoire. A brand new standard has been born.

Help us spread the news that REAL country and western music is being born right here in East Tennessee and that REAL Country and Western LIVES!!!!

It lives at New Classic Country Records!! Share this site with your family and social media friends. Solve world hunger..the hunger for REAL C&W music!

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NEW Classic Country and Western lives at "New Classic Country Records" and it's voice is "The New Classic Country Hour" !!

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